car battery jumper cables

Advantages Of A Portable Jump Starter

You are already late for work. Overnight the weather has suddenly turned cold. You noticed your neighbors outside yesterday evening covering their cars with blankets. You decided that you would watch TV instead. You get into your trusty car and hastily put the keys into the ignition. You try and start your car and – nothing happens.

car battery jumper cables

Car battery with jumper cables

Sound familiar?


There are many reasons that your car battery can become flat and will not have enough power to start the engine. We have already mentioned a sudden change in the weather, but some of the other reasons could be that a light was left on, your car is only being used for short journeys, there is a fault in the charging system or your battery is at fault itself.

A flat battery and your inability to start your car can happen anywhere. The most common place is outside your home but there are far worse places. Imagine your car stalling at the traffic lights and you are unable to start it again. Or being parked at a store and when you come out you find that your battery is dead. Or worse still in an area that you are uncertain about at night. You need to be prepared.

Jumper Cables

A lot of car owners will have heavy duty jumper cables that you can attach to the terminals on your battery and the terminals of another car owners battery that is charged. It is advisable for the second car owner to have their engine running when giving you a boost from their battery.

When you are using booster cables you have to be very careful. You will be making two sets of connections, and this means that you are doubling the chance of problems occurring. If the booster connections get reversed for any reason, this can hazardous to the cars and the people involved.

Reverse connections using jumping cables can also cause electronic components in both vehicles to fail and these can be really expensive to replace. Also when cables are connected to battery terminals there can be sparking, which could cause an explosion if there is a presence of battery gases.

The next problem with using conventional jump leads to start your car is that you need to find a willing volunteer who will participate in this activity. This can be a real hassle, and sometimes impractical as you may be out late at night and there is nobody around. Only the most brave and desperate are going to knock people up in the middle of the night to ask if they will help you.

Once you have found someone to help you then need to make sure that both vehicles are close enough to each other to perform the operation correctly. This is not always possible. If you are parked at a busy store and your vehicle is facing in the wrong direction, it is going to take a lot of pushing and gentle maneuvering to get your car in the right position. This can take a long time to do, and if your car is heavy you will need additional help to push it and steer it. What a hassle!

If somebody is willing to help you then they may have some concerns about whether their electrical system will have enough power to get your car started. If their vehicle is older and there is the slightest problem with the electrical system, then a jumpstart can be the final straw and cause electrical components to fail.

The Best Solution Is A Portable Car Battery Jumper

There are several advantages to owning a car battery jump starter and they are a lot more convenient than the conventional jump starting a car process. With a portable car jump starter there is no requirement to involve another person and another vehicle to get your car started. Wherever you are, and whatever time of day it is, you can easily connect your battery jump starter to your car battery and get the car started.

With your own jump starter pack there is no need to be worried about the position of your car either. Because there is no other car involved you can literally be anywhere and you will get your car going again.

A jump starter kit only has two cables so there are no concerns about cable reversals. Also you will not be putting your electrical system at risk by using a high quality jump start kit.

Don’t Take A Chance – Get The Best Jump Starter

If your car breaks down in an undesirable area at night, not being able to start it again can literally be a life and death situation. For this reason alone you need to invest in the best car jump starter available.

You want to make sure that your car battery jumper has the power and robustness to start most cars. Look for models that have a road safety kit built into them as well, as this could save your life. An LED flashlight built in and multiple adapters are very good to have.

For quality and completeness this car jump starter is highly recommended. It has good customer reviews and it will never let you down.

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