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Importance Of Tire Pressure

The Importance Of Using The Recommended Tire Pressure

checking tire pressureIt is very easy to forget your tires. They are just part of your car right? Wrong. They are essential to your safety and other important aspects that we will discuss in this article. People tend to forget car tire pressure, and just rely on those four bits of rubber that meet with the road. We want to advise you to read our small manual Salient Things About Tire Pressure which will resolve many questions that you might have.

When Should You Check Tire Pressure?

Tire pressure is so important that you should check it at least monthly. Driving on tires that have the correct air pressure will protect the tread life of your tires, and will also help with stopping distances and fuel efficiency. Check tires for the correct pressure often, and you will be saving yourself a lot more than just money. It is very easy to do, and checking first thing in the morning is recommended.

The air pressure in your tires can drop if the weather is cold. It can also rise if the weather is hot. Be sure to add air to your tires in the first few days of a cold snap. If your car is modern and fitted with a TPMS (tire pressure monitoring systems) then don’t just rely on this, as it will only indicate when the tire air pressure is dangerously low.

When you have a TPMS it is very easy to get complacent and just rely on it and forget regular checks of correct tire pressure. Use the best tire pressure gauge that you can buy (more on this later), and do not be dependent upon the tire gauge that you find at the gas station as these are used heavily and are very likely to be inaccurate.

What Should My Tire Pressure Be?

Make sure that you know the normal tire pressure for all tires on your vehicle. This can often be found on a placard that is situated on the door jam. If you have an owner’s manual then you will find a section on tire inflation and a recommended tire pressure chart. If all else fails you can use the search engines to find the right information by entering the make and model of your car and adding “tire pressures”.

Problems With Under Inflation And Over Inflation

If there is low air pressure in your tires, otherwise known as “under inflation” then you will be spending more money on gas and uneven wear in your tires will result. When the pressure in your tires is too low the correct shape of your tire will not be achieved, and too much tire will be in contact with the road. Shoulder wear will result in your tires and you will need to replace them much faster than if the ideal tire pressure is maintained.

When you drive on tires that have too much air pressure or “over inflation” there will be a stiffness and rigidity about your tires. The center of your tires will protrude and your tires will wear too quickly in the center. Worse than this is that control of the car can be affected. The amount of rubber that is making contact with the road will be reduced and the ride will be rougher than it should be.

Tire Pressure Checks And Tire Maintenance

tires of a carAs stated above it is important that you check the air pressure in your tires at least on a monthly basis. If you are planning a long journey then always check tire pressure. If you want to know how to check tire pressure, all you need to do is connect a good quality tire air pressure gauge like this one to the valves in your tires. If the weather conditions are normal then don’t inflate to the maximum pressure recommended by your car manufacturer.

When you are checking the pressure in your tires then have a quick look at the tread depth as well. Make sure that your tires have at least the minimum tread depth as dictated by the laws of your country. Also ask your car service agent to rotate your tires regularly – every 6,000 to 8000 miles is recommended.

Get A Good Quality Tire Pressure Gauge

There are three types of tire pressure gauge available. These are the stick gauge, the analog dial gauge and the digital gauge. The stick gauges are not as accurate as the modern analog and digital gauges. Accuracy is very important as a pound or two under or over inflated can make a lot of difference.

This tire pressure gauge is high quality and will report the most accurate tire pressure as tested to exacting ANSI standards. It is filled with liquid to prevent moisture ingress and it is a mechanic grade tool. You will never regret buying this tire pressure gauge which is of the best quality and will last for years. If you live in the UK you can find this gauge here.

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